Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Visit to the National Art Gallery

I like art.  I think it's valuable and important and I'm glad we have a place where we, as a nation, collect and see it.

I think whoever decided it was a good idea to take a bunch of 6 year olds there was not thinking with the reality side of their brain.

Today was a field trip with Nathan's class.  In all, I have to say it went as well as could be expected.  One minor incident where a kid nearly touched a two hundred year old 2.8 million dollar painting, but was stopped by a parent volunteer.

But the excitement of walking around quietly, keeping their hands to themselves and looking at things was somehow lost on most of the kids, who kept asking when they would get to do stuff.

The guided tour at the start was interesting (at least to me) and kept the kids moving at a fairly good pace.  Then came lunch and the not-so-well-thought-out part: free exploring time.

Rather than exploring, I would have set up paper, paint, pencils, clay, etc. in one of the four cafeteria rooms and let the kids create their own art.  We would have given a lot fewer guards heart attacks and had a lot fewer bored kids.

But that's me.  And we've already established the world would be a far different place if they'd let me run it. 

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