Monday, 31 March 2014

Set Your PVRs to TVO: Autism Grows Up (Wednesday)

On Wednesday, April 2nd at 9, TVO is showing a documentary Autism Grows Up.

It looks at the job opportunities in Canada which are available to people with autism. 

This is one I'll definitely be looking at (although it might take me a few weeks to actually get time to sit down and watch it since I'd like to absorb more than one word in five, which means not watching at the end of the night when I'm exhausted).  It's something I've begun to think about as Alex gets older.

After all, most of the traditional feeder jobs (food service and retail) require good people skills, which makes them more challenging to people with autism.  However, many of them can excel at tasks which require high levels of precision, repetition and a large database of knowledge.  But they can suck at traditionally formatted job interviews.

For someone to be independent, they need a good source of reliable income.  For the non-independently wealthy, that means a job.  I'll be very curious to see what this program says.

I'm a little concerned by the description which claims "Tens of thousands of young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder are looking for work in Canada - and over a hundred thousand more are on their way.  Are we ready?"  This strikes me as somewhat alarmist and I'm not interested in doomsday scenarios.  However, I'm hoping it's just hyperbole to get people watching.

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