Sunday, 9 March 2014

Friday's Checklist of Boredom

I knew Friday would not run smoothly.  I had to work, Dave had to work, I had no sitters or extra support and two kids at home all day.

I did not expect a swath of destruction in my house which would eventually have me follow Alex around like a junior detective trying to build a case against a Mafia don.  I probably should have but I failed to anticipate the scale.

During the day, Alex destroyed a build-it-yourself clock he got for Christmas, a Rubix cube (also from Christmas), two books, a wicker basket, three plastic buckets, twelve pictures from our wall, two reusable shopping bags and part of the wall in his bedroom.  There are also a couple of mangled bits of plastic which I don't recognize and can't guess where they came from. 

Most of the destruction happened while I was working.  I'm tied down to the computer and phone and distracted.  He figures out pretty quickly that he has carte blanche to do what he likes as long as he doesn't attract my attention.

This doesn't leave me feeling great about the whole of March Break or <gulp> the summer.  But we will figure something out.

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