Thursday, 20 February 2014

The 100 Day Cold

According to sources (okay, my husband), doctors are calling this year's bug the "100 Day Cold" and it is aptly named.  At least in my case.

Recovery may be incremental but it is happening, so I apologize for being an irregular poster of late.

It's been a very surreal experience for the last three weeks for me.  I find it difficult to read for more than a few minutes at a time, so my usual favourite pastimes (reading and writing) were suspended.  I finally finished the first draft of my novel just before this hit and I was starting to polish it up at a respectable pace of a chapter a day.  However, I've lost almost a month of work-time with fuzzy eyes and a dazed brain.

I've ended up watching more TV than I've watched in the last four or five years.  Mostly Python Hunters, Survivorman and Dr. Phil.  I also watched a three part miniseries on Vikings and all of season 3 of the BBC's Sherlock, although I may not have retained quite as many clever plot details as normal. 

Work has also been a challenge as it takes me twice and three times as long to do things.  Luckily, it's been relatively slow but I'm still far more backed up than I would usually be.

I miss having my pre-sickness brain.  I'm grateful to still have enough processing power to get by but I'm used to having a certain reserve to muse about such vital issues as how Fred Dukes (the Blob) got a tattoo in Wolverine: Origins when his skin is invulnerable or reviewing the family schedule for the week or wondering why the Hokey Pokey is a wedding staple.

Or what point of interest or amusement I'll be posting that day.

Thank you everyone for your patience.  Like Arnold, I will be back.

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