Thursday, 27 February 2014

Preparing For Re-Assessment

Next week, Alex starts a new psychological assessment.  He hasn't been assessed since he was four, which means five years of development.  We're seeing one of the psychologists at Emerging Minds.

It's a big chunk of time and money to have your child privately assessed.  But I think it's worth it, particularly since we're considering doing another round of intensive behavioural therapy.  We need to know where he is, what his strengths are and what needs to be worked on, before we can start to change anything.

I'm starting to dig up the old reports to bring with me to the intake appointment.  Luckily I have them all in our file cabinet (my obsessive-compulsive organizational tendencies help for once!) but I'm planning to make copies to bring.

I'm feeling a strange combination of laid back and nervous.  On the one hand, I know and trust the people at Emerging Minds (as I should since I work for them).  This is all stuff I've been through before.  On the other hand, I'm scared I'm going to find out I've overlooked something really obvious and basic.  Something which will make me feel guilty and stupid.

I was filling out some forms and I realized there are a lot of things I've simply adapted to.  They wanted me to list out areas of concern so I automatically put in toileting and eating first.  It was only after I did a few pages that I realized I should put his bolting and self-injury behaviour on that list too.  I guess I've just accepted the latter two as a part of taking care of him.  If I can change them, of course I would want to, but I guess a part of me didn't think they could be changed.

We won't know the results until the middle of April.  He'll have one or two appointments a week for the next five weeks.  That's lots of time off school and work.   But I think it will be a relief to know what we're dealing with and have a plan.

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