Monday, 17 February 2014

Nathan Quote of the Week

 A laugh to start everyone's week.

Nathan and I went to the Lego movie this weekend (everything is awesome!!!) and really enjoyed it.  Initially we were going to see a showing at 11:45 but it was sold out and we went to the one at 12:30 instead.

Nathan did very well with the unexpected delay.  We played some games and then, before getting our popcorn, I insisted we visit the washroom.

To my surprise, Nathan refused to go into the washroom with me.

Nathan: Mommy, that's the Women's washroom.

Me: (not following) And?

Nathan: And I'm a man.

I honestly thought I had another seven or eight years before he would say that with a straight face.  But diminutive or not, he had a point.  I explained that it was permissible for men to come into the waiting area of the washroom (since I did not want to leave him unattended in the lobby). 

Now I'm just going to have to start thinking up some safety strategies for separate washrooms.  But the sight of my six year old explaining that he is a man will keep a smile on my face for some time to come.

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