Thursday 13 February 2014

Lecture on Healthy Sexuality

On Wednesday night, I grabbed my cold medication and some caffeine and took the risk of pushing myself into relapse in order to attend the Citizen Advocacy lecture on healthy sexuality for people with disabilities.

It was very helpful and useful.  Worth the risk of being almost completely useless the next day.

It was reassuring to hear that we're on the right track with our boys, attempting to teach them the difference between public and private space and activities, and the parts of their body which are private.

There were suggestions about books for teaching them about puberty, videos for helping them understand what is and isn't a healthy relationship (Flirting or Stalking?), advice about areas where young adults with Aspergers and autism can have legal difficulty (defining consent, expectations).  Thank the gods I wrote it all down because my brain currently feels like it's trying to think through wet tissue paper.

I will do a longer update later and try and give some of the highlights.  But for now, I'm still sick and struggling with coherence.

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