Monday, 6 January 2014

We Fear Change (Rogers to Bell)

After a year of suffering from bobbing noses and hats on our HD TV from our non HD cable feed, we've made the move to an HD PVR and cable system.

We compared the numbers and Bell had a much better deal financially.  So today we had our old PVR disconnected and a brand new Bell HD PVR installed.

I immediately hated it.

For eight years, I've simply scrolled through the first 60 channels on Rogers to pick out what I wanted to watch on a weekly basis.  I frankly don't even know what stations a lot of my favourite shows are on, I only know their relative positions on the scroll down bar.  Now the channels are all out of order.  And the bloody thing doesn't let me easily skip day to day or page up and down easily.  And it's irritatingly complex to alter the basic recording options.

The largest annoyance is that I apparently can't set a "favourite channel" for the TV which comes on whenever the PVR turns on.  (I'm still investigating this but the installation guy said no.)  Having our old PVR set to Treehouse all the time was irritating at times but meant I never had to worry about what my kids saw when they turned on the TV.

Those were my first impressions.

After an evening of playing with it and setting up the first week of programming, I have a certain grudging respect for the new PVR and suspect I will soon come to accept it.

I am one of those people who hang on to old technology for dear life.  I resisted DVDs, I'm still resisting Blu-Ray.  I did immediately like the Apple TV and CDs but those are the exceptions rather than the rule.  I still use an extremely outdated version of my word processor because I don't like the newer versions.  And I like my print books much better than my e-reader. 

I try to remember this when I'm frustrated with my boys (husband included) for resisting change.  I don't always succeed.

But I try.

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