Sunday, 12 January 2014

Ongoing Application For A Service Dog

We are in the process of applying for a service dog for Alex.  Part of the application is keeping a two week diary of his activities and behaviours.

They want to know what toys and activities Alex prefers, the frequency of behaviours like bolting or wandering away, how aggressive he can be, etc.  I'm getting his teacher to complete it during the day, his grandfather to complete it when they're out together and I'm dealing with the rest of it.

This is always one of those tasks where I end up feeling very self-conscious.  I know they want to know if bolting is a risk because that's one of the tasks they train the dogs to help with.  They want to know if aggression is a problem because they want to know if he's likely to hurt the dog when he's frustrated. 

Alex is much more likely to hurt himself than anyone else when he's frustrated but he does lash out sometimes.  It's one of the reasons we have to keep such a close eye on him.  Even if it only happens once a month; it's not acceptable and needs to be prevented.

Dave and I both feel very strongly that if we're going to accept a dog into our home, we need to make sure it will be a good home for the dog.  This is a breathing, feeling creature and thus deserves to feel safe and happy the vast majority of the time. 

How do I convey our determination to make this a good home while still showing that the dog will be helpful and useful?  As a writer, I'm very aware of how word choices can make a huge difference in how an event is perceived without venturing anywhere near a lie.

I'm struggling with being honest, yet concise, without unfairly shading my notes.  I want this to be accurate but not overwhelming.

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