Wednesday, 22 January 2014

I'm Officially Losing My Mind

We have a lot of appointments and events to keep track of.  That's why I have a giant calendar on my fridge with different coloured appointments noted on it.  Usually, the calendar is enough to help me keep track of who is supposed to be where.

Last week, not so much.

I missed my physio appointment.  Alex had a doctor's appointment before that which ended up running ridiculously late (90 minutes in the waiting room) but I never even twigged that I was missing physio until they called me.

On Saturday, I missed Nathan's tutorial.  I picked him up from skiing and he wanted to have lunch at the ski hill.  I thought that would be fine, never twigging that it would mean we'd miss his tutor.  I didn't even think of the tutor although it was there on the calendar.

Also Saturday, I missed trivia night with my friends.  I'd agreed to be part of their team and was really looking forward to getting out with everyone.  Except apparently on the actual evening when I simply went about my normal routine and didn't even have a nagging sensation that I was supposed to be somewhere else.

Luckily, everyone has been very understanding.  But I hold myself to a higher standard than this.  I should be able to do better.

Maybe it's a cumulative effect of Nathan waking up super-early and me having to deal with him.  (Lack of sleep does tend to affect me fairly strongly.)  Maybe it's just trying to deal with all my different commitments right now.  Or maybe my subconscious is hijacking me for an enforced rest.

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