Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy 2014

Luckily December 31st proved to be a much better day than the 30th.  I was quite relieved about that.

Thank you to those who contacted me to check and make sure I was okay.  It means a lot to know that a) I'm not just shouting silently into cyberspace and b) that people care.

Our New Year's party was a lot of fun.  We played some specialty card games: Star Fluxx and Cards Against Humanity (which is twisted but funny).  We watched the ball drop (and had slight technical difficulties with the countdown) and we looked in our Happy Jars for 2013.

We also had a piñata.  2013 was a difficult year for several of us and so we decided to pound it into submission as a final farewell.  Since I'd had an awful day and needed to vent, I took a good swing at it.

And knocked that sucker into orbit. 

I not only broke the piñata but managed to literally knock several pieces of candy out of their wrappings and powder some others.  It was a proud moment and a wonderful catharsis.  If I wasn't worried about Alex picking a hole in my heavy bag, I'd hang it back up for regular workouts.

I have also spent a great deal of yesterday and today just holding Alex and trying to make sure our relationship isn't damaged from the 30th.  There was a lot of frustration and I'm sure it frightened and upset him.  I give myself some leeway that I'm not perfect in all my reactions but I hope to demonstrate that this is what we do when we screw up and accidentally hurt the feelings of someone we care about.  We make the extra effort to show we still love them.

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