Friday, 3 January 2014

Back to Work

Today marks the last day of vacation for everyone.  As of Monday, I go back to work and the boys go back to school, which makes this weekend the last opportunity to take care of little details.

We got our extended application for a service dog, including a request to fill out a two week diary of Alex's activities.  Today I'm going to sit down and look it over in detail so that we can get started this weekend.  I'm still a little nervous about the reality of having a dog here but the thought of Alex having a companion and us being able to go out without worrying means a lot.

It's also time to make sure we have our logistics worked out for the next round of extracurricular activities. 

In January and February, these are Alex's activities:

Tutor (twice per week)
Music lessons (once per week)
Hockey (once per week)
Skiing (once per week)
Speech camp (once every two weeks)

And these are Nathan's activities:

Tutor (once per week)
Art lessons (once per week)
Beavers (once per week)
Gymnastics (once per week)
Skiing (once per week)

It's only for eight weeks and then the skiing, hockey and art lessons are over.  But it's going to be a very jam-packed eight weeks.  I hemmed and hawed, wondering if I was overscheduling.  But I think they're going to enjoy themselves.  I did at least make sure that most of the activities were overlapping, that way we still have some downtime as a family.

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