Sunday, 19 January 2014

An Old Problem Returns: Getting to Sleep Past 5

Last year, Nathan would routinely wake up between 4 and 5.  He would then start to play in his room.  At the top of his lungs.

No appeal to familial respect, the sanctity of the early morn or the simple observation that Mommy is cranky when you wake her up made a difference.  My choices were to lie in bed and stew every time he squealed or yelled or get up and try to keep him quiet so that everyone else could sleep.  Not a good situation.

But gradually, I managed to get him sleeping in a little longer and then he suddenly began sleeping in until 6.  Heavenly.  :)

Now we're back at 4 and 5 and louder than ever.  It's affecting his mood so he obviously still needs the extra sleep.  I'm not looking forward to restarting the process.  I need that extra sleep, too.

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