Sunday, 8 December 2013

We're Not Dead Yet!

This bug had a nasty sense of timing.  First Nathan was down for Monday through Wednesday.  Then Alex was down Thursday and Friday (and is still sick).  I managed to get sick Friday and Saturday.  So far, Dave has been spared but I'm betting on the darn thing biding its time.

We are slowly groping towards recovery.  It is amazing how quickly things pile up when I'm sick and can't manage.  I had to cancel our cleaning service for this week since Alex will be home and he can't tolerate the noise of the vacuum.

I have gone through several mountains of laundry.  Both boys went through several changes of clothes a day while they were sick and got a number of quilts as well.  Did I mention I'm not a fan of tummy bugs?

On the plus side, I'm proud of Nathan for making it through the week without biting, even if he wasn't feeling one hundred percent. 

And I got a high level of cuddle time with Alex, which is also rare and precious.

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