Friday, 6 December 2013

No Biting This Week

Thank the Gods of the School Board and Repetitive Learning Reinforcement.  We haven't had any more biting this week.

I told you last week about how off-guard I was when Nathan's teacher told me he had bit three other students.

We immediately launched a plan where he lost screen privileges for the bites and we reinforced that biting was never an okay option.  We reminded him to tell his teacher if he was upset rather than taking things into his own hands.

I think we were lucky on this.  We got to it before it became an established habit.  It would have been easy to brush it off as an isolated incident (and maybe it was and we went through a lot of work and worry for nothing). 

After a week clear of the behaviour, I'm starting to relax a little.  It'll take longer before I can put it out of my mind as a possibility but I think I did the right thing.

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