Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Awesome Boss

I'm very lucky to have a job which accepts that my family and children will always be first priority with me.  I'm even more lucky to have a job which allows me to work from home the vast majority of the time, making it easier to strike the necessary work-family balance.

But today, it went beyond that.  We had a staff meeting and had to deal with various issues.  After, I asked to speak to my boss for a few minutes about some issues which I didn't want to bring up in front of the other administrators (mainly because of confidentiality). 

After we covered business, she said she'd noticed I seemed tired and wanted to know if there was anything she could do, as my boss, to make things easier on me.

That is entirely unprecedented in my working history.  I've had supportive bosses.  I've been given options when things were difficult.  But never has someone taken it for granted that it was as much the employer's responsibility to manage the work-life balance as the employee's.

I think our society would be a great deal happier if more people made that assumption.

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