Sunday 10 November 2013

Weekend Update: Shopping and Pictures

I needed something formal for my sister's engagement party next weekend.  So off I went to the limited number of stores which offer clothing in my size.  The results were not promising.

Some clothes looked good but felt awful (itchy fabric, rough decorations).  Some of it just looked awful (cut for someone shorter or with different proportions).  The colour palette wasn't especially flattering for me (lots of pinks and grays this season).  In short, it was discouraging enough to make me wish we still wore togas (equally unflattering to everyone).

However, I remembered my What Not To Wear suggestions: namely that a good fitted jacket is the plus-sized gal's best friend.  So I switched to hunting for a jacket.

To my surprise, of the 5 jackets the store had to offer, 3 of them looked good on me.  I decided against the deep purple one since I could only use it with a limited selection.  That left me deciding between a little sweater crop top and a spandex one with reinforced leather seaming and chain accents.

I picked the leather.

Now I can wear one of my short-sleeved tops and look more formal, especially with some more formal accessories like jewelry, shoes and handbag.

Our family photos had an equally rough start and good finish.  Both boys had tantrums right as Ryan was arriving.  We only had a half hour before we would have to leave for Alex's music lesson and Nathan's drama lesson and both boys are shouting and crying. 

Ryan was really great.  He offered to come back if we couldn't get things under control but then he brought out his camera and showed the boys pictures from the back.  He started with Nathan, who had wedged himself behind the treadmill to hide.  He asked Nathan if he would like to make some nice pictures like the family in the camera.  That got Nathan's interest and he came out.

Alex took a little longer to convince but eventually we got him out and laughing instead of crying.  We got family photos of the four of us together and some good candid photos of the two boys.

And we still finished in time to get to lessons.

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