Wednesday 20 November 2013

My Surprise and Homecoming Gifts

When I got back, Dave had a surprise waiting for me:

A Kindle.

I've been wanting one and I had asked for one for Christmas.  He surprised me by getting it early.

He said my time away helped him to appreciate all that I did and he wanted to surprise me with something nice.

It was a nice surprise.

I had gotten the boys some little toys in Edmonton.  I tried to get Edmonton Oiler shirts to annoy Dave (since he's a loyal Sens fan) but no luck. 

When my father brought us gifts after travelling, he always told us to close our eyes and put out our hands.  Then we had to guess what they were.

I decided to revive the tradition but not make the boys guess.  It didn't quite seem fair since they're not used to it.

I had them sit on a chair with their eyes closed (Alex needed some help to keep from peeking).  Then I put the toys in their hands.  Alex got a little stuffed Husky sled dog and Nathan got a little stuffed horse.  Both the toys were big hits and they've been inseparable ever since.

I forgot to mention yesterday that my sister received a lot of gifts from her fianc√©'s extended family at the party.  There was a lot of gorgeous jewelry including a beautiful watch and a really lovely bracelet and necklace.  It's obvious that they are all thrilled about her joining the family.

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