Tuesday 19 November 2013

Engagement Party Pictures

Unfortunately my camera died halfway through the party so I only got some initial pictures (and a new resolve to get a new camera).

This is my sister in the outfit which her new in-laws-to-be had made specially for her.  It is tradition for the groom's family to give the bride a new outfit for the party along with special jewelry.  As you can obviously see, she looked gorgeous in it.

Her fiancé also looked pleased.

His parents arranged for the entire party so it was a traditional Indian engagement party.  I was pleased to see that the main focus was making sure that both families were comfortable and felt welcome.  I wish I had gotten pictures of the dancing.  We all got a Bollywood 101 course in the basic moves and it was a lot of fun. 

The food was delicious (although strongly spiced for my taste).  They made sure to have some traditional Western dishes and there was enough food to have fed us all a dozen times over.

I'm really glad I was able to make it out.  It's been a little difficult to have a close relationship with my sister, since she was only seven when I left home (and we now live in different cities).  We missed out on the day to day sharing.  But I'm honoured to be a part of her celebration and very happy for her.  Her fiancĂ© is wonderful and is a good match for her, personality wise.

And I got to get a surprise when I came home.  But you'll have to wait to hear about that tomorrow.

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