Monday, 14 October 2013

What I'm Thankful For

Once a year, I like to put together a comprehensive list of what I'm thankful for.  Like everyone else, I can spend a lot of time complaining, so it's a good perspective switch-up.

I am thankful:

That I live in a time and era where my options are wide open instead of being restricted by my gender.

That my boys are physically healthy and charming individuals.

That I had the opportunity to raise awareness about the challenges for families with autism.

For my iPod.  Getting to listen to music everywhere without carting around dozens of CDs rocks.

For my PVR.  I love not having to watch commercials.

For books and my local library.  I borrow 5-6 books a week to read.  If I had to buy them, I'd be broke.  This way, I get to learn and read new stories all the time, making me happier.

That my mind still enjoys learning new things.

For my time writing.  I love telling stories and hope that by next year, I can say I'm grateful to be published.

That my extended family has been gracious enough to offer financial support.  I'm sure they all had plenty of other ways they could have enjoyed spending their money, but they chose to help us.  Thank you.

For my amazing and awesome friends.  20 years together and still clicking.

For the opportunity to say what I think without fear of censorship or reprisal.  And for the opportunities to engage in debate without personal attack.

For abundant food and clean water.  There are lots of places in the world where they are still luxuries rather than rights.

For my loyal readers.  Thank you for listening.

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