Wednesday 2 October 2013

New Book Day!

This post will only cement my nerdlike leanings because today I am excited about my latest delivery from Chapters.

I love books.  I love new books full of new stories which I haven't read before.  Full of surprises and potential.  Books are my absolute drug of choice and one I don't ever intend to go into rehab for.

To get around Chapters's minimum order amount for free shipping, we have a list of books we're interested in beside the computer.  When the list gets long enough, I put in an order.  (It's easier now that the limit is $ 25 as opposed to the $ 75 it used to be.) 

I haven't put in an order all summer so this order ended up being more mammoth-like than usual.  It was big enough that the Canada Post guy delivered it to my door. 

At least a dozen new stories waiting to be devoured.  I can't wait!

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