Monday 21 October 2013

More Disney Updates

Disney has their interim policies up on their website about the new Disability Pass program.  (The program was being shut down due to widespread abuse.  Wealthy families were hiring disabled people to help them skip the lines.)

From what I've seen, it's promising.  One of my big concerns was about having to go to Guest Services every time they wanted to do a new ride.  But they say people will be able to get updated ride times at kiosks throughout the park, rather than having to go to the main park entrance every time.

They are creating a separate program for those who need wheelchairs or scooters, which should cut down on the abuse.

I was pleased to see links to a page on suggestions for guests with cognitive disabilities (including autism) and a Guide for Guests with Cognitive Disabilities including ASD which is a 19 page document with suggestions and tips.

They also encourage families to talk with Guest Services in advance about what they need.  I get the feeling they will still be accommodating, they just don't want to be taken advantage of.

It makes me feel better about planning our trip for next year.

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