Thursday 3 October 2013

Dealing With Aggressiveness At School

I received a note from Nathan's teacher that he's been hitting other students at recess and throwing sand at them.  This is completely unacceptable behavior but it leaves me with a quandary.

He's not generally aggressive at home.  We have incidents but they're infrequent, making it hard to build up a pattern of success in changing his behavior.

So how can I help teach him it's not okay to be aggressive at school when I don't see the behavior at home?  The usual tool is a social story, which I will certainly do.  But, to be entirely honest, I've never seen a social story have an impact on my children's behavior.  It's modeling, redirection and practice.  Those are our effective tools.

Maybe I just need to come up with some roleplaying examples, like a child taking a toy or someone yelling.  And then practice more socially acceptable techniques for dealing with it.  But if I've missed on guessing the trigger, this won't be very helpful.

I wish I had a good answer.  Maybe I can get the school to collect data to help me. 

Either way, I have to figure out a way to teach him or else he's going to find himself labeled as a troublemaker.

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