Thursday 31 October 2013

Costumes and Pumpkins

The boys had a great Hallowe'en.  The expected downpour held off (I suspect it was pushed back by the collective wills of every parent and child in the city).  I had myself organized for once and didn't have to spent the afternoon and evening rushing around doing last minute details (and getting progressively more upset and irritable).

We had an Avengers' theme this year.  Nathan was Iron Man and Alex was Thor. 

For Nathan, I made the red jumpsuit and then attached the chestplate and epaulettes from an Iron Man costume I bought back in the summer (when the movie was out).  The mask also came from the store-bought costume.  I also got little hand repulsors that lit up and made noise and a press-and-stick LED lamp to put on the front as the arc reactor.

For Alex, I sewed the cape and made his breastplate out of silver and gold gilt bristolboard (then covered it with Saran Wrap to protect it from the rain).  I bought the helmet but could not find a Thor hammer anywhere (and with the movie coming out on Thursday this week!).  So I made the hammer by wrapping a tissue box with tinfoil and attaching it to a stick.
As for pumpkins, this year Nathan requested an Angry Birds pumpkin.  So I carved a little pie pumpkin into the Angry Bird and made two little green peppers into the pig people.
It looked pretty neat at night with the candles:

Then I wanted to do something untraditional for the other pumpkin.  So I carved it into a little house.

My little goblin did not make it to the final show.  But I still think it looked pretty cool.  Even if it wouldn't stay lit for more than two seconds in the wind.

You may be wondering about the witch-demon masked pumpkin beside it.  Nathan won that one at school as part of a draw.  He was very proud of it but the pumpkin wasn't hollowed out and it weighed a ton to carry home!  Especially one handed as I tried to juggle the umbrella and the pumpkin.  But we got it back.

I decided to go with a bats and ghosts theme for the window and pumpkins for the door.  I think it ended up looking pretty good:

I think we all ended up having a good time.  Alex even rang a few doorbells and Nathan visited most of block for trick-or-treating.

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