Monday 2 September 2013

Tonight's the Night

The final evening before school starts again.

I've checked over the backpacks.  I've packed the school supplies.  We've got a variety of lunch materials ready to go.

And I'm still nervous.

Will Nathan have trouble leaving the playground to line up with everyone else?  How will Alex cope with his new classmates and higher expectations?

There are all sorts of things I wish I could supervise myself but this is part of letting go.  I can't run their lives and I have to trust the school system (which for a control freak like me is a challenge). 

In a few weeks, we'll be settled into the new routine and things will be running smoothly (I hope).  But until then, I can't help but worry about all the things which could go wrong.

I believe it's actually one of my job requirements in the Parenting Contract.  Section 5, subsection C, paragraph ii. 

Thou shalt do everything you can and then thou shalt worry.

But it will be fine.

Unless it won't.

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