Monday 9 September 2013

The Return of MST3K

Most of you probably have no idea what MST3K stands for.

It was a little Comedy Central show back in the 90's: Mystery Science Theatre 3000.

In high school, we used to get episodes mailed to us by a friend in the States.  Actual VHS cassettes mailed every couple of months.

The premise of the show was simple.  They picked the worst B-movies ever known to man and played them while talking over them, pointing out inconsistencies and adding funny bits of dialogue.  It may sound stupid but it was hilarious.  Here's an example:

Hysterical Girl (in movie): Why won't my hands move?

Alien (in movie): The handgrips are magnetic, for your safety.

MST3K: Which would mean something if your hands were made of metal.

I've waxed nostalgic for them many times but accepted it was a piece of my life which was over.  Until now.

Apparently the comedy team which did MST3K enjoyed it so much that they have continued after the show was cancelled.  But now, they're not worrying about broadcast rights of the movies involved.  They created audio tracks which you can play along with your favourite blockbuster movies.

We bought their audio track for Independence Day.  And laughed ourselves silly.

An example:

Commentary Guy 1: You can't make this stuff up.

Commentary Guy 2: Well, you can.  But you shouldn't.

So for all the geeks out there looking for a little at-home entertainment, check out rifftrax.

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