Monday 16 September 2013

Men: 1, Women: Why Diminish Their Achievement by Actually Counting?

Today is our wedding anniversary.

And I completely forgot.

Not: I put it out of my head to think about it later or I thought about it a few weeks ago and decided to wait and see.

Nope, not on my mental radar or physical calendar.  100 % completely forgot.

This morning I'm rushing about to get things off the floor for our cleaners and trying to deal with the school and driver to let them know that Alex is staying home sick.  I'm filling out forms for Nathan and writing cheques and, in general, mentally flying at around Mach 3 trying to get everything done.

And Dave puts down a pink silk rose and a Wolverine action figure.  He tells me "Happy Anniversary."

My immediate thought: guilt-laced "oh crap" followed by the more socially appropriate thank-you.

Usually I try to do a special dinner for our anniversary, one of the things Dave really likes: lasagna or chicken parmesan.  But I already planned our dinner, the slightly less beloved tacos which Nathan and I love and Dave tolerates.  And I have a chicken pie for tomorrow night.

He says he's not upset and seems secretly pleased to have trumped me in this particular hand of Relationship cards.

All in all, I have to give this one as a clear no-contest win to the Men's side.  Savour it, guys, and mark it on the calendar.  Well done.

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