Sunday 22 September 2013

Dollhouse Update

When both the Little Mermaid and my girls' night were cancelled this weekend, I sank my disappointment into dollhouse repair.

This is what the tower looked like when I got started.  Note the entirely missing panel on the left hand side of the picture and the half-destroyed panel on the right.  The upper story of the tower was actually mostly being held together by the wallpaper.

And here is what it looked like after.
My husband got me those clamps as a gag gift over a decade ago.  Now I've actually discovered a use for them.
I was also able to repair the side porch.  Which wasn't actually broken during the dropped shelf incident but rather was the result of some overenthusiastic playing when I was twelve.
I did up new support columns, reshingled the roof and gave the whole thing a fresh coat of white paint.  Overall, I think it looks pretty nice.

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