Thursday 26 September 2013

A Laugh To Brighten Your Day

Lately I've noticed that our TV guide descriptions have changed from dull, useless sentences (Eg: The X-files: FBI agents investigate supernatural and extraterrestrial phenomena) to much more colourful (but still mostly useless) offerings.  I've actually seen the term "florid" used twice.

However, I cannot resist sharing this description of The Bourne Supremacy.

I'm sure that Matt Damon is thrilled to have the support of the Roger's description person.

(For those with trouble seeing the picture: "Just as Sean Connery was born to play James Bond, Matt Damon was born to play Jason Bourne, the amnesiac CIA operative suffering an identity crisis.  In this rip-roaring sequel, he's framed, then goes gunning for agency higher-ups.")

Interesting fact: Sean Connery hated the character of James Bond and has been quoted "I have always hated that damn James Bond.  I'd like to kill him."  Perhaps 'born to play' is an exaggeration.

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