Wednesday 21 August 2013

Nathan Quote of the Week

We only have dessert on weekends at our house.  Usually something small like a cookie.

Nathan usually finishes his meal before us and is allowed to play until we finish.  However, our meal is interrupted constantly with requests to know "are we done yet?" and pleas for his cookie.

I've spoken to Nathan several times in the past about how it is rude to keep pestering someone, even when you're super excited about what's coming.  But it hasn't sunk in yet.

Nathan: Are you all done?

Me: (trying to maintain a mask of teaching moment serenity over mild irritation)  Nathan, remember how we talked about this?

Nathan: About what?

Me: About how it isn't nice to keep asking people if they're done.  It hurts their feelings because it's rude.

Nathan: (visibly taken aback)  Oh.  I'm sorry, Mommy.  I don't want to hurt feelings.

He comes up for a hug and we share a beautiful moment that feels like it should have credits rolling on an after school special.  I let go, feeling like I've really made a difference, that I'm really an awesome Mo-

Nathan: Are you all done now?

This is where I lost my parenting high ground by laughing hard enough to bring tears to my eyes.  Somethings are teachable and some are not.  Patience to a six year old where cookies are involved may be a not.

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