Wednesday 7 August 2013

Nathan Quote of the Week

Nathan has been spending some time with his grandparents this week.  While he was there, they decided to have dinner in the backyard.  My father was busy setting up the table but they still had to get the chairs down.

Rather than go the long way around off the deck and down the stairs, my mother decided to simply hoist the lawn chairs over the deck rail and drop them down to the lawn below.  (It's not a far drop, maybe a few feet.)

Nathan wanted to be helpful so he insisted that he would catch the chairs (or rather, grab onto them and then my mother could let go).  The chairs are a light plastic, the drop was negligible, it kept him out of mischief and let him be helpful.  Win-win all around.

Except when Nathan overbalanced with the second chair and fell to the ground.

Immediately, both of my parents rushed to his aid to make sure he wasn't hurt.

He was lying on the ground with the chair half on top of him.  He looked up at them and said:  "Little help here?"

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