Saturday 3 August 2013

Nathan Quote of the Week (Bonus)

He hasn't had a quote for awhile so everyone gets to enjoy him twice this week. 

Dave was making his usual growly morning sounds and Nathan was very carefully copying every move and gesture. 

Dave: Are you making fun of me?

Nathan: (grinning) No.

Dave: Just you wait, someday, you'll have a little boy making fun of you.

Me: Or a little girl.  Mommy would like a little girl.  You can do that, right?

Nathan: (pauses) I think I want a little boy.

Me: A little boy and a little girl.

Nathan: No, I want two little boys.

Me: Two little boys and a little girl.

Nathan: (rolls his eyes)  Mommy, that's too many.  I'd be tired.

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