Monday 22 July 2013

Welcome to Baby Royal

Today, for those living under a rock, the latest heir to the British Empire arrived.  A little boy, name as yet unknown, happy and healthy.

Congratulations to the proud parents.

I'm not generally a fan of Royal-watching.  Or any celebrity-watching actually.  Personally, I think they should have the right to live their lives without the rest of us butting in like know-it-all neighbours from a 50's sitcom.  I'm not that interested in knowing where they shop, what they had for lunch or what stupid idea has crossed their mind of late.

But a new baby is a new baby and, newborn-junkie that I am, that's worth noting.

I hope this child can grow up healthy and grounded.  I hope the media circus of Twitter, YouTube and all the rest doesn't end up distorting his childhood.  (Childhood and adolescence suck badly enough when your dates can't look up how "adorable" you looked dressed as a pirate with a click of a mouse.)

I hope William and Kate have really thought about the impact the media could potentially have on him and have a plan in place.

And now that I've given my unasked-for two-cents' worth, like any good wacky neighbour, I'm off to enjoy the hilarity which will ensue after Kate leaves William to deal with the diapers by himself.  <cut to commercial>

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