Thursday 4 July 2013

Starting the Summer Writing Program

Those who have been following my writing drama know that I had hoped to have a first draft of my novel ready by June 1st.

I missed that deadline.  I'm about two-thirds of the way through and have hit a rather difficult point.

It's a romance novel.  Therefore, my hero and heroine have to get physical at some point. (or else why was I bothering to write the thing in the first place?)

Writing a steamy scene while surrounded by squabbling children and Wiggles music doesn't work for me.  I get worried about them spotting words and phrases on the screen and trying them out.

Okay, I thought to myself.  During the summer, I'll be writing out of the house.  That should work.

Not so much.

Holed up in the local library, I'm even more paranoid.  Now it's not even my children who are there.  As I imagine a parent shrieking in dismay or sniggering teenagers, my concentration is shot.

So I worked around it.  I focused on the before and after plotline.  Which works but still leaves me with a giant hole in my story.  (Well, two giant holes, to be accurate.)  I'll have to find some alone time at home to sit down and write these scenes.

It's all part of discovering my process.  And so far, apparently, I'm shy in front of witnesses.

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