Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Hips Don't Lie

And mine are telling me that I'm not as young or in shape as I used to be.

With the boys home for the summer, I've been more active than I traditionally am.  We're swimming a couple of times a week and going for walks and to the park.  And to make matters worse (or better), as part of my resolve to get heart-healthier, I signed up for karate classes once a week.

Kicking has always been my natural comfort zone for martial arts.  One of my proudest moments is when I managed to get past my sensei's guard and tap him lightly on the face.  As such, I actually get used in a lot of the kicking technique demonstrations. 

Last time, I had myself balanced and good to go with my leg extended up above waist level when all of a sudden I got a massive ABORT warning from my hip.  I tapped out and tried to stretch out the pain but it's been continuing to give me trouble since then.  Perhaps it was the two hour swim earlier in the day on top of the karate lesson, but my body was clearly not happy with me.

I'm hoping the pain will eventually subside and stretch out but it's a reminder that the mental image in my head is getting further and further apart from my actual body's capabilities.

At least the belly dancing techniques are coming in handy for stretching the hip joint. 

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