Monday 15 July 2013

Despicable Me 2 (spoilers)

I really enjoyed this movie.  I was a little disappointed with Monsters University but Despicable Me 2 made up for it.

Maybe because I identify more with the role of a parent trying to keep their kids happy.  Or maybe because I wish I had hundreds of quirky yellow minions to handle the daily chores.  Pick your reasons.

Spoiler time. 

I absolutely loved when Gru became the Fairy Princess for Agnes' birthday party.  (Although I was a little disturbed when I realized he must have had the costume on hand ... on the other hand, the minions cross dress frequently and hey, what's wrong with a little cosplay?)  That is the act of a devoted parent, risking public humiliation rather than disappointing a little one.  (We've all done it, fess up!)  And his response to the kid who asked why he was fat was brilliant: "Because my house is made of candy and sometimes I eat instead of facing my problems."

My second favourite moment was when Gru froze El Macho's son after the little twerp dumped Margo for a little Latina dancer.  If I was a supervillian, I would totally freeze anyone who broke my little boy's heart.  It was completely predictable, yet still satisfying.  He leads Margo away and then pops back in to nonchalantly freeze the twerp.

Nathan loved the minions.  He's been watching clips non-stop on YouTube.  They really do steal the show for the most part.  The only bit that frightened him was when the purple mutant minions attacked the girls. 

Alex enjoyed the show but I don't think his heart was really in it.  Maybe because it had been just two weeks since Monsters University.  But he protested and complained a lot more than he did with the last one.

This is the end of the expected summer children's films (or at least, the ones I wanted to see), so it'll likely be awhile before we head back to the theatre.

I've always loved going to the movies.  Before I had kids and still had lots of disposable income, my friends and I would meet to go to a 5 pm show on Tuesday every single week.  We saw all sorts of things and I got to enjoy some stuff that I might not have otherwise chosen.  I miss getting to do that.

But I love getting to share the experience with my kids.  The darkened theatre, massive screen and sound, all of it help you to lose yourself in an imaginary world for a little while.  I'm glad the corporations found a way for them to participate.

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