Sunday 14 July 2013

Bring In Da Noise

I think Nathan might be developing a sound sensitivity.

He's been complaining for over a month that things are too loud and hurt his ears.  I've been slow to react since it never seems to bother him to shriek at earsplitting decibel levels and his ears mostly seem to hurt when he doesn't like what's going on around him.

But it's been going on rather consistently, especially since he's not getting much of a reward for it.  I'm having to accept that maybe it is a combination of actual sensitivity and stress over lack of control.  Although I try not to be too gullible, I also don't want to make the dangerous assumption that my children are lying to me.

Thus I've come up with something of a compromise.  We have a set of ear protection headphones and I've given them to him to use.  If it's too loud, he can put on the headphones and get a respite.  If this is actually a control tactic, he'll find another way around it.  Either way, it's teaching him that he can't expect the world to adapt completely to his needs.  He has to find middle ground.

I sent them with him to camp today and the supervisor said they worked perfectly.  Nathan brought them with him to circle and when things got too loud, he put them on and joined in quite happily.

It's early yet to think about it but this may be an effective tactic at school as well if the sensitivity continues.  It gives him control over something which bothers him, which can only help his confidence in new situations.

Meanwhile, he sure does look adorable in the big headset.

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