Sunday 2 June 2013

Warning List for Heart Issues

Symptoms for Heart Attack (Women)

- Shortness of breath
- Weakness
- Unusual fatigue
- Cold Sweat
- Dizziness
- Indigestion
- Anxiety
- Sleep disturbance

Symptoms for Heart Attack (Men)
- Chest pain or discomfort
- Pain in neck, jaw, arms, back or stomach
- Shortness of breath
- Lightheadedness
- Nausea
- Sweating
- Indigestion

I memorized these lists when I was 12, and they are surprisingly still current.  (I was a paranoid and morbid little child.) 

As you can see, the list for women is substantially different than the one for men and doesn't have the old Hollywood classic of grabbing one's left arm.

Doctors have a tendency to dismiss heart attack symptoms in women since the symptoms are more vague and could point to many different conditions.  Knowing them yourself could make the difference one day.

Perhaps I'm still a little paranoid, but I think the message is worth getting out there.

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