Thursday 6 June 2013

New Toileting Strategy

The gloves are coming off.  And being replaced with different gloves.

We've been having a hard time getting our son to use the toilet for his BMs.  We've tried social stories about the fun-loving Mr. Mucky who lives in his belly and likes to take waterslide rides.  We've tried bribes of daily treats.  We've tried having a regular schedule for effort.  We've even tried mild punishments, such as losing computer priviledges for accidents.

No success and full day school is only 3 months away.

Being different is hard enough without throwing a hygiene issue into the mix.  Kids are merciless and have long memories.  And lack of toilet training is one of the few criteria the school board can use to put a child in segregated special education without challenge.

So we're trying a more hardball tactic.  The closest we've come to success is with bribes of treats.  So we're upping the treat.

He loves playing on the computer.  So for now: no BM, no computer.  I'm hoping this will build up his awareness of when he has a BM.  Then as school lets out, we can up the ante to no BM in the toilet, no computer.

He doesn't like it thus far and feels it's grossly unfair.  (Click! - parent checklist item one.)

Maybe it'll work.  Maybe it won't.  But it's the best solution I can see for now.

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