Wednesday 26 June 2013

More Reasons to Save

Yesterday I was having a bit of a rant about the amount of gifts we end up buying at the end of the year for school related activities.

And today my washer let me know it is officially at the end of its lifespan.

Karmic retribution or psychic prediction?  You can judge for yourself.

It's been teetering on the edge for awhile now.  I'm having to run the spin cycle a half dozen times to get the clothes dry enough to stick in the dryer.  Right now, it will only work with a half-load.  Anything larger ... not going to happen.

Since I end up having to do 2-4 loads of laundry daily, this is a challenge.  Thank the gods it's not winter because there is no way it would manage a soiled duvet. 

Luckily, today also happened to be the last day of Sears Days.  Which meant I picked up a new high-efficiency washer for $250 off the sticker price.  So I paid what I would have for something low end but have got a good quality machine.

Of course, they don't actually have the darn thing in stock but I've been promised it will be delivered in two weeks.  I'm guessing that really means six to eight weeks before it's sitting in my home.  That's how it worked when we ordered a couch a decade ago.  We were promised two weeks and it ended up being 5 months.  This doesn't have any customization to it, so I'm hoping we're good.

On the down side, the money we've used to pay for the washer is money Dave and I were hoping to use for a weekend away for ourselves in the fall.  But I keep telling myself that I'll be much happier with a functional washer than a weekend in a hotel.

I'll keep you all posted about whether or not Sears keeps its word on delivery times.

As I told them when they were giving me trouble about the couch: Think very carefully about how you treat me.  I have a long memory, a big mouth and a wide circle of friends and family.

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