Tuesday 11 June 2013

More Holes and More Spackle

It turns out Alex's love of peeling drywall was not a single time event.  Instead, I've now had to spackle four different holes in his wall over the last week and a half.

Each hole has been centered on an electrical outlet, which makes me suspect that he's somehow managing to get behind the cover to peel those first, all-important strips.  Dave and I have been talking about our options.

There are places which will bolt large sheets of clear plastic over your walls and others which will create a fitted plastic interior shell.  Both of these options cost a lot of money, which we don't have.  And even if we did, part of me rebels at doing something so intrusive and instituational.  We may get there, but I'd like to know we've exhausted all other options first.

So once the current round of holes is fixed, I'll be caulking down the outlet covers to see if that fixes our problem.

Meanwhile, Alex's unsupervised time continues to be measured in infrequent minutes, which is putting a definite strain on Dave and I.  There's no down time for either of us.  Now it's either watching Alex or getting the chores done that we couldn't do while watching Alex.

I will be very glad once we can get this crisis under control.

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