Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Things To Hold In My Memory

Our cleaners came today.

That's not the special part ... bear with me, I'll get you there.

Normally the night before the cleaners come, I stack all of the toy bins on the couch so that the floor and shelf surfaces are clear and easy to clean.  Last night, I was tired and went to bed early.

This morning, Nathan came skipping into our room, warbling a jaunty tune and as I braced myself to not snarl at him (I am not a morning person), he said four little words that completely derailed my morning.

"Mommy, I cleaned up!"

Wait, what?

He had skipped out before my brain woke up enough to man the verbal processors.  I slowly got up, wondering what on earth he meant by that.  I told myself that I wouldn't yell at him if I found he'd dumped a bucket of water on the floor to "mop" or spilled something.  I told myself that I would encourage him for being independent.

He came skipping back in and proudly announced it again: "Mommy, I cleaned up."

"What did you clean up, honey?"

"I got everything ready for the cleaners."

I went downstairs with him and, bless his little heart, he had taken all the toy boxes and stacked them on the couch.  Not as neatly as I do it but he'd gotten them all up there.

I gave him a big hug and thanked him for helping.  I told him he made Mommy's day by being so sweet and helpful.

And now I'll do my best to remember this when he brings my car home with a suspicious dent at 3am in about 10 years. 

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