Sunday 26 May 2013

Nathan Quote of the Week

(Okay, I don't know if he'll come up with something good every week.  That's a lot of pressure for a six year old.  But he did this week.)

We were walking home from school and I reminded him we have to go to Farm Boy later to pick up some fruit, vegetables and milk.

Immediately he began to complain that he didn't want to go. 

Nathan: "I don't want to go to Farm Boy.  Why do we have to go?"

Me: (channelling patience) "Because we're out of milk.  And if we don't get some, we'll be thirsty."

Nathan: "What happens if they run out of milk?"

Me: "Then I guess we'll have to drink water."

Nathan: "What happens if they run out of water?"

Me:  "No water?  Anywhere?"

Nathan: "Would we be thirsty?"

Me:  "Yes.  We would definitely be thirsty."

Nathan: "What if there's no more food?  Would we be starving?"

Me: (becoming slightly uncomfortable with morbid take of conversation but willing to follow)  "Yes, I suppose we would."

Nathan: "If we have no food and no water and no milk, we die?"

Me: (quick internal debate: comfort or truth?)  "Yeah, I guess we would."

Nathan:  "Oh, we better go to Farm Boy then."

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