Wednesday 15 May 2013

Name That Tune!

Those who read this blog regularly (or who know us in real life) know that Alex loves a wide variety of music ranging from country to hip hop to pop to rock.  Part of it is because we have a wide range of music which we enjoy (my husband and I each have over 2000 songs on our respective iTunes accounts, with very little overlap) and part of it is because I think he just has a really good ear. (And apparently perfect pitch.)

He likes to sing his favourites, which can get dicey occasionally.  To have a four year old belting out "Like A Virgin" in the grocery store will get you odd looks.  His current favourite: Nickelback's "Rock Star" which has the lovely chorus line "the girls come easy and the drugs come cheap" is one I worry about him repeating in the wrong place.  But hey, it's music and I'm happy to let him express himself.  It's like having a little miniature Bumblebee transformer without the relevance.

The other day, he was singing something and he was alternating mumbling with clear words.  This happens a lot when he hasn't properly paid attention to the song and picked out melody without lyrics.  It makes it incredibly difficult to figure out what song he's singing.  We've all been sitting there saying "I know that tune but I can't place it" but it happens at my house a lot.

I'm listening to him and wondering what hauntingly familiar song he's singing.  He's mumbling the start of a line and then saying something which sounds like "the darkness inside", then mumbling more and "am I scaring you now", then more mumbling "are used to what you like" and finishing off with more mumbling.

He sings it over and over for what must be five minutes and I am wracking my brain trying to figure it out.  It must be a chorus, it's not Madonna, it's not part of his 80's greatest hits portfolio.

Finally I got it: Rihanna's "Disturbia" which I will admit, he heard from my iPod.

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