Monday 20 May 2013

Apologies to My Readers

I haven't been a very consistent blogger of late and I'm sorry about that.  Life swept me up in a tidal wave of chaos and I was more focused on treading water than talking about it. 

The waters have receeded now, leaving me with the time and mental space to have opinions again.  Which means I'll be sharing them again.

It's easy to get overwhelmed by life.  We talk about riding the financial edge, where the loss of a single paycheque could lead to catastrophe.  We discourage people from doing it and tell them they need to have savings to allow them to cope with emergencies.

But we don't talk about riding the life edge, where our energy and time are so committed that it doesn't take much of a crisis to send us past our competence levels.  Being busy is admired. 

I've always felt a vague Puritan-oriented displeasure when doing nothing.  Even when watching TV, I feel a need to have my hands busy and productive.  (Yay, crafting!)  To just sit and absorb has always struck me as somehow decadent and indulgent.

But why are decadence and indulgence bad things?  Granted, too much isn't good but surely there's a place for them in a moderate lifestyle?  Shouldn't a balanced life include down time which is actual down time instead of just different work time?

I say the words but still have a frisson of disbelief tingling down my nerves. 

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