Sunday 7 April 2013

Selling My Book

I'm not there yet but I'm hoping I will be soon.

Today's ORWA seminar was all about different ways to raise your profile and sell your books.  Even traditionally published authors are being expected to take a significant active role in promoting their books, so it's something anyone who wants to make money should know.

The advice came down to three areas: blog, Twitter and Facebook.  All of these can be used as tools to direct people to a website where they can purchase books.  It's familiar advice and I've heard it before but it always leaves me a little bit frightened.

I am not an intuitive social media user.  The format isn't something I'm comfortable with and I've never had much luck building up a "friend" circle of people I don't actually know.  However, I know it's something I'll have to learn.

The speaker advised us to get started on our platforms before we publish but I worry about audience fatigue.  I've already been blogging a year and I still don't have a book out to point people towards, even though I set my site up primarily as a writing site to promote my work.  Not smart timing on my part.

Having this blog has been good practice.  It's taught me some of my limitations and how to work around them.  Now I just need to move to the next step.

And actually finish my book.

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