Monday 29 April 2013

Dialling the Cuteness Up To Eleven

This weekend, Nathan and I had a minor argument.  He wanted to watch TV when he'd already been told he couldn't. 

And so he threw a fit.  A proper little foot-stomping, shouting, look-at-me-like-I've-betrayed-him fit.

These things have little effect on me except in the restraint I have not to laugh in his face.  However appropriately childish his actions are, the feelings behind them are real and so I try to respect them.

Seeing that I wasn't being convinced by his display, he decided to pull out some big guns:  "If you don't say yes, I calling Memee!"

All right, little dude.  You want to threaten me with grandma?  Let's go.

He was disconcerted when I dialed the phone for him and gave him the receiver.

An interesting fact about my little guy.  He has huge overwhelming emotions, but he couldn't hold a grudge to save his life.  By the time my parents' answering machine came on, he'd forgotten about being mad.

He left a lovely long-winded message saying hi to Memee and Avi, followed by lengthly instructions on how the machine should get the message to their house.  Including detailed (if inaccurate) driving instructions. 

I love the image he created.  A little message, zooming around the city until it finds the right house.  Then it crawls inside the phone to wait to be picked up.

But he still didn't get to watch TV.

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