Thursday 4 April 2013

Breaking Into New Territory

A friend of mine from ORWA have set up a biweekly writers afternoon.  Our sons are the same age, so we get together and let the boys play while we write.  Thus far, it's actually working fairly well.  We're disciplined enough to write instead of chat and the boys have enjoyed their time together.

It wasn't a secret that I hadn't written anything since our last writing afternoon but between pulling out the laptop at Nathan's Beaver meeting and the writing afternoon, I got two and a half chapters done.  Over 5000 words total.

Every time I have a gap, I find myself afraid to look at what I've previously written.  Will it seem silly and stupid now that I'm no longer immersed in it?  (And if you don't believe that's a real phenomena, you've never gone back to look at things you wrote in high school.)

Maybe I'm delusional, but the story still strikes me as good and interesting.  Something I'd want to read.

Of course, I did end up with a rather peculiar bit of writer's block.  I have my hero and heroine's first kiss before a rather exciting plot twist.  As I was writing the kiss, I was eager to jump ahead to the next section.  Which made for one of the dullest first kiss descriptions ever in the history of the world.  And I could not for the life of me come up with something better in the moment.

So I decided to leave it as is with a big bold FIX THIS in the text.  Maybe when I start watching more romantic comedies and less dinosaurs eating people, then I'll be in a more romantic mood.

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