Thursday 28 March 2013

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

I was listening to the news when I heard a report about a guy who asked his friend to pretend to be a mugger.  The plan was to have Friend jump out with a knife so that Guy could fight him off, thus impressing Potential Girlfriend with his manly competence.  The plan backfired when Potential Girlfriend panicked and jumped over a small cliff to get away from the knife-wielding maniac.  She broke her leg (or her ankle, I wasn't paying much attention at that point) and the police got involved.  The police quickly discovered that Guy and Friend had hatched this plan together.

At this point the host (female) went into an indignant rant: what kind of friend would do this?

Let me tell you, lady.  Guy friends.  That's who.

I have always been blessed with a number of friends of the opposite sex.  They've given me valuable insight into guy culture and the bewildering and frustrating things men do.  Women know men are smart.  And yet they seem capable of some truly mind-bogglingly stupid ideas sometimes.  (Famous and oft-repeated last words: I got an idea!  Somebody hold my beer.)

If a guy won't dissuade a fellow guy from tying a mattress to a car and riding it down a road, then a little dramatic role-playing isn't going to make the bad-idea cut either. 

We as women should all be honest.  If we were out on a first date and our date handily fought off a mugger, we would tell everyone we know.  It would be an amazing story and his credit with us would soar.  (At least until he introduced us to his friends and we recognized our attacker ...)

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