Saturday 30 March 2013

Making You Think

Even a half-hearted search of the Internet will reveal dozens of articles on how unrealistic Hollywood explosions are.  Especially in science-fiction.

Admittedly, some of the great battlestations and ships of our imagination appear to have been built out of extremely flammable papier mache.  The Death Star, the mother ship from Independence Day, the mother ship from The Avengers, most of the alien vessels from any of the Star Trek franchises, all of them are destroyed by a single well-placed rockets (and those are just the ones I thought of while I was typing this).

Geeks will go on and on about how stupid this is and how it would never happen.  (We're completely cool with superpowers but for some reason we're stuck on this rocket thing.)

This is a message to my fellow geeks:

Did it ever occur to you that Hollywood does this deliberately so that when the real aliens pick up our broadcasts, they'll be scared of us? 

Click-click, click-click-click, click-click (Translation: no, we don't want to mess with Earth.  They have some kind of physics-defying ammo down there.  And dinosaurs.)

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